Guilty of Murdering beautiful
paper with random smears of
paint and lead.

Of Wasted Products in the
name of expression.

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Why I never post paintings.

I think it’s time I invested in a Scanner. and actually get FUNCTIONING photoshop. TEEEEHEE.

Sculpture I made.Epic Meal.Inspired by Robert K Foster, a friend. 

Sculpture I made.

Epic Meal.
Inspired by Robert K Foster, a friend. 

A little story.

>Today at camp, no one talked to me.
I’ve always thought that things would be different as compared to being at home.
At home, there is no one. No one that is actually there, Mother is at home, but she’s an empty body. She just sits there drinking her whiskey.

>It’s been a week of camp now, and the world seems like a horrible place. Things at home are bad, things here are not any better. Maybe tomorrow I will kill myself.

>Today I found a pretty dress, I will wear this when I take my life.
>Right now we are hiking up the hill. While the other children are happily talking to each other and singing songs, I have been collecting rocks and pebbles. They’re very pretty.

>I have a backpack full of rocks now, these should help me tonight. 

>I am now wearing the dress, it is long and white, with expensive lace. To the owner of this dress, I am sorry for taking it without asking. But it is important that I die soon. When the lights go out and everyone goes to bed, I will walk into the lake at the very edge of the forest. The bag of rocks should keep me underwater, and the dress will make me die gracefully. Farewell. 


I am a happy child,
as happy as a child can be.
I do not lie to myself ,
in thinking I am free.

Hello, See you soon.

The finished product which was displayed at my school’s Art Exhibition.

I will be updating Paper Murders again. There’s just always something trying to stop the productivity (my brain).

Update : Will be going to Singapore from the 13th July till the 17th of July.
I’ll start updating once again when I’m back and free.
Also, school has started, I’m in 6th Form and doing Biology as a main subject in my school. So far there’s no anatomy yet, I’m not very excited. But looking into DNA isn’t all that bad.
I do wish that I didn’t have to do maths though. Bugger.

Off now, see you soon crimescene~ 



Latest painting I did. Experiment of sorts.

Asked by sammiegoonie



I want to know what stars are,
Why they’re up so high.
Those tiny diamonds in the sky,
They pass on by and by.

I could walk a million miles tonight,
And as long as I can see,
Keeping eyes up at dear moon,
He’ll always stay by me.

I want to know why waters turn black,
and what lies down beneath,
What creatures live in such dark places,
And never see the surface.

But at last I have come to realize that the magic in these will never last,
and soon it’ll be science that I’ll turn to and ask.
Explainable and really quite simple,
And even with that it is still beautiful.

A little poem for Carl Sagan.

These are a bunch of Random WIPs and myself being cooky also cause my hair looks pointy I couldn’t help it :{D.

Next post, I’ll post a finished pen drawing.